Drug link in Penal murders

Police said Roger “Bongo” Harrikissoon, who was gunned down hours after being released from prison on Tuesday, was involved in the drug trade and had links to Venezuela.

Under the guise of being a fisherman, police said they had information that Harrikissoon, 47, who was killed alongside his accomplice, Ronnie Gittens, 27, would smuggle drugs into the country via several fishing vessels he owned, especially at Embacadere, San Fernando, where he lived.

While police said they had Harrikissoon under investigation they were never able to gather sufficient evidence to catch him in the act.


Harrikissoon was granted bail at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court on Monday for possession of 400 grammes of marijuana along the beach at Embacadere back in January and was granted bail.

After securing bail and being released from the Remand Yard Prison in Arouca on Tuesday, he along with Gittens went to Penal. Around 5 pm, police said the men were seated in a Nissan Tiida sedan which was parked along Bajnath Street, off Latchoos Road, in an area known as Dogpatch.

Eyewitnesses reported that another car drove next to the Tiida where Harrikissoon and Bongo were seated and the occupants unleashed a hail of gunfire.

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-03-01/drug-link-penal-murders