Driver missing since murdered man found in trunk

Kishan Nangoo, the owner of the vehicle in which the body of ex-convict Eddie Phillip was found last Friday, was reported missing by his family on that same night.

The vehicle was found abandoned along Gail Trace, Longdenville, Chaguanas.

Phillip’s body was found in the trunk at around 11am.


The vehicle was impounded and taken to the Chaguanas police station, where officers attempted to find the owner.

Nangoo’s wife, Sherry Mills, said she last saw her husband on Friday at 9am. He told her he was going to purchase and chicken to cook that day.

The couple live at Sum Sum Hill, Claxton Bay.

Mills said, “He told me he was going to buy a chicken to cook and would go back to work. He works PH in Claxton Bay. But he didn’t come back. His father asked for him around 3pm and I stood by the window hoping to see his car passing by. But I did not see him.”

Later that evening, Mills said, she saw her husband’s car in the news.

“They said the body of Eddie Phillip was found in the car. My husband never spoke about Eddie Phillip, but everyone knew who he was because he lived Claxton Bay. I don’t know what happened. Maybe he got a hired work and to take them somewhere. I don’t know,” she said.

Mills said she was worried that her husband may be in danger.

She said he had never left home without telling her. “He would not go into hiding. He would contact me. I keep calling his phone, but no answer. I asked people but no one is telling us anything. I even went to the place where the body was found but people did not see my husband,” she said.

Nangoo has a son from a previous relationship.

Central Division police confirmed that a missing person report was filed.

Investigators said residents of Gail Trace have been asked to provide closed circuit camera footage.

Police have also interviewed several persons and have a description of the man seen fleeing the vehicle on Friday.

The description did not fit that of Nangoo.

Phillip who shot into the spotlight back in 2011 and became a YouTube sensation with his slogan “One is One” was found dead in the trunk of Nangoo’s car.

Phillip was found bound and gagged with a gunshot to the head.

Police believe Phillip was kidnapped and was attempting to escape when he was shot.

Back in 2011 Phillip surrendered himself to Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne after a manhunt was launched for his arrest by police and soldiers.

He was being sought by police in connection with an alleged armed robbery and possession of a machine gun at his Diamond Village, Claxton Bay, home.

Source: Trinidad Express