Domino’s Pizza franchise in T&T has new owners

On May 31st, the two young entrepreneurs signed a deal that would have them assume the ownership of the Domino’s franchise here in Trinidad, which currently has three locations locally, Diego Martin, Ariapita Avenue and Chaguanas.

The new owners have big plans for the franchise. “Being current owners of another successful franchise, Pita Pit, we know that the model works.

When a franchise fails to work, more times than not, it’s because of ownership. You need to be involved, carefully manage every aspect of the business to ensure each customer gets what they expect,’’ Fakoory explained.


When asked what can customers expect to see differently from Domino’s, the duo listed some of their immediate focus points for improvement.

– Improved customer service is top of mind, with further training of staff being necessary to ensure the level of service expected by Domino’s International is received.

– Faster and more reliable delivery with further investments to increase their delivery fleet with more delivery specialist to ensure drivers are always on standby ready to deliver.

– Ensuring product quality by importing through the Domino’s approved supply chain only, instead of using substitutes.

“We are 100 percent committed to this. We will ensure that when you taste our pizza, it will be the very same taste as any other Domino’s pizza worldwide.

This is of paramount importance to us,” the duo said in a press statement.

Acknowledging that labour and forex shortages are major issues in Trinidad, causing some other franchises to close their doors, the duo believes that all problems have a solution and they are intent on making Domino’s a fun place where employees will want to work.

Hadeed also explained that, “The franchisor is also very committed to our success and has been making accommodations for us, understanding the shortage of USD currency. We expect to rely heavily on their support to further guarantee the success of the brand here in Trinidad.” The question of when online ordering would be made available to customers here in Trinidad, both said it was already on the way.

Fakoory added, “Going forward, customers can expect to get a top quality, great tasting pizza when they order from Domino’s, and further, they can expect to get this pizza delivered to them faster than anyone else.

We are known internationally as the pizza delivery experts and now it’s about time for Trinidad to know why. ‘’

Source: Newsday,244944.html