Doctor, WASA chairman file defamation claim After woman claims radiation therapy overdose

DIRECTOR of the Southern Medical Clinic Dr Rupert Indar and attorney Romney Thomas, who is also chairman of WASA, have filed a claim for defamation against attorney Cherry Ann Rajkumar, who alleges she was given an overdose of cancer radiation therapy at the clinic.

In their claim, filed in the San Fernando High Court last Wednesday, by attorneys Faarees Hosein and Melissa Sinanan, Dr Indar and Thomas called on Rajkumar to cease and desist from making certain posts on Facebook, in which she spoke of her case and called for a boycott of the clinic. Indar and Southern Medical also asked for a retraction.

They said since the preaction protocol letter was sent to her, Rajkumar intensified the publications and took to picketing Indar, Southern Medical and Thomas’ premises, “and shows no intention of stopping,” the claim said.


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Rajkumar was also accused of erecting signs opposite the clinic, along with Indar’s photograph. Meanwhile, Thomas claims to never have interacted with her or withheld information from her, as was alleged.

The claim said on February 12, Rajkumar wrote to Thomas asking for computer data relating to radiation levels, and without giving him an opportunity to respond, she picketed his law firm and also posted a sign with his photograph on it.

Thomas said he is not a shareholder or part owner of Southern Medical and Rajkumar’s actions have caused partners of the firm Hobsons, where he is a partner, to question him.

Thomas said the picketing of the firm has caused extreme professional and personal embarrassment to him as an attorney and also as chairman of WASA.

In their claim, which comes up for hearing today, Indar, Thomas and the clinic are asking the court to restrain Rajkumar from continuing to “maliciously publish defamatory posts on Facebook and placard with the intention of bringing the claimants into odium and disrepute.”

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Source: Newsday