Do you remember Tecia Henry?

EIGHT years ago today, 10-year-old Tecia Henry left her home at Cook Street, Laventille to run an errand.

Her decomposing body was found four days later. The smell led people to it.

Someone had taken her, strangled her with bare hands and buried the body in a dirt hole under a dog house nearby.


The killing was supposed to be the final straw. It could get no worse. The people of the area blamed rival gangs as the motive – John John versus Block Eight.

The politicians spoke at length about the atrocity and what they would do about it.

Outraged citizens demanded justice. They remembered the killings of four-year-old Amy Annamunthodo, ten-year-old, six-year-old Sean Luke, and six-year-old Keyana Cumberbatch, among others.

Police promised to find the killer/s. They hunted the community after several suspects were identified.

Reputed gang leader Ricardo “Docs” McCarthy, 47, of  Block Eight, Laventille, was shot and killed in the area a month after the Tecia murder.

Police claimed he was a suspect in the child’s death.

No one was ever arrested, charged or prosecuted. There is no longer an active investigation into the case.

Had she lived, Tecia Henry would be a young adult today.

Instead, she is an obituary in the newspaper today. Her mother Diana Henry, father Brent James, and immediate family remembered her.

The memorial reads, in part:  “we’ve learned to live and hide our tears, still filled with grief for all these years”.

– Richard Charan (Multimedia Editor)

Source: Trinidad Express