Diplomatic efforts to find T&T family detained in Jordan

Efforts are being made at diplomatic levels to establish contact with authorities in Jordan concerning members of a T&T family who have been detained there since January.

This was indicated by National Security officials when asked by the T&T Guardian what action was being taken on the matter.

The family—among them two children under age ten—from east Trinidad were detained after going there in January.


It had been reported that under questioning, the couple had given information on the Carnival threat in T&T recently and this was relayed to local authorities.

The matter of their detention was raised at last week’s meeting Prime Minister Keith Rowley had with Muslim community representatives. Muslims of T&T PRO Imtiaz Mohammed subsequently said he was advised to write the National Security and Foreign Affairs Ministers to seek help with their return.

However the grandmother of the family tearfully turned to legal advisers yesterday to try and seek help to find out what was taking place. Relatives of the family have been questioned about them several times since their departure on January 14.

A T&T Guardian query to the Foreign Affairs Ministry two weeks ago has yielded no reply. But National Security officials said contact with Jordanian authorities is being established.

Attorney Nafeesa Mohammed said yesterday the man who was detained had been going to do Islamic studies and his wife had also intended to do nursing studies,

“We urgently need help from ministries to locate them—the young children particularly.

“T&T doesn’t have a mission near to Jordan. We don’t know where they’re detained and how the two children under ten are being cared for,” she added.

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-03-12/diplomatic-efforts-to-find-t%26amp%3Bt-family-detained-in-jordan