Dillon criticized over silence on missing persons

Griffith was speaking on the high crime rate and frequent reports of missing persons.

He says in the case of missing WPC Nyasha Joseph, the National Security Minister’s silence is warranted as it is an ongoing investigation.

“Any matter that is presently undergoing an intense investigation and we cannot verify if even a crime was committed, it would be impractical for a Minister of National Security to make any statement.”


However, he says in the case of other missing persons, it is clear that more must be done to address the problem.

 “It is hoped that there should be some type of unit or body to deal specifically with missing persons and that can play a very big part towards trying to find the whereabouts of persons, if it is that they have been abducted and that can only be done if there’s a special unit to deal with missing persons as it happens.

Not the case of just calling 999 and then you fill a report in a police station and the police in that vicinity where the person resides, they will just conduct an investigation the following day.

There are certain systems that can be used such as through the SSA, which is virtually dormant, to pin point the person’s cellphone to see if they could verify the whereabouts of the individual and these things can happen within minutes.”

Griffith said it is unfortunate that the homicide rate may be much larger than is currently represented, based on the high numbers of persons deemed missing over the last few years.

He said the Ministry of National Security needs to play its part in treating with missing persons. The former National Security Minister adds that training needs to be provided to persons dealing with receiving information on missing persons, adding that the public is sometimes unaware as to whom to turn, when a loved one has disappeared. 

Source: Looptt http://www.looptt.com//content/dillon-criticized-over-silence-missing-persons