Devant: Did police negotiate with gang leaders to retrieve phone?

Former Government Minister Devant Maharaj is raising questions about how police managed to recover the cell phone of Finance Minister Colm Imbert’s son, 25-year-old Adrian Imbert.

Maharaj was responding to statements made by acting ASP Michael Jackman who, at a joint press conference, indicated that there was nothing unique about the recovery of Imbert’s cell phone.

He also noted that Minister Imbert categorically denied using his influence to direct the police service’s search for his son’s stolen cell phone.


Maharaj said television station CNC3 reported that “After police traced the phone they called gang leaders in Beetham and ask[ed] them to drop off the phone to avoid unnecessary raid”.

He questioned if this was usual practice and raised concerns as to why the police never refuted these reports.

“Can the police according to ASP Jackman indicate if this is nothing unique as to how the police recovers items? The stolen cell phone was recovered is a fact. It is also a fact that no one was detained or arrested regarding the theft of the cell phone. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that the CNC3 news report was factual. The CNC3 news report has not been contested or corrected by the Police.”

“Why would police negotiate with Gang Leaders given that the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security were lamenting the brutal murders at the Chaguaramas Boardwalk? How did the police know which Gang Leaders to call to obtain the cellphone? Did the police obtain a Warrant for Interception in accordance with the law to locate the cellphone or did they call their Gang Leader friends first?”

Maharaj said Minister Imbert’s interview stated that CCTV footage allowed the police to identify the car of the bandits and on that basis the police contacted them as the bandits were known to them.

“So if the police identified the bandits so much so the cell phone was recovered why these bandits were not arrested for theft?” he questioned.

The former Minister also inquired as to whether the younger Imbert’s phone had sensitive information regarding the state and if there was a conspiracy to hide the real facts of the issue from the public.


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