Cox, Joseph win overall titles Over 2,500 complete RBC’s Race for Kids…

EXPERIENCED local runner Curtis Cox and teenager Genesis Joseph won the 15K and 5K events respectively, when the RBC Race for the Kids was held in Port of Spain, on October 7.

The event, which is held to raise awareness and funds for children suffering with cancer, was held in St Clair and around the Queen’s Park Savannah. President of TT Paula-Mae Weekes and Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Shamfa Cudjoe supported the event. Cudjoe finished the 15K in 102nd place in one hour, 17 minutes and 37 seconds (1:17:37). Over 400 participants completed the 15K event.

Cox of the men’s 50+ age group, won the overall 15K title in 51 minutes and 16 seconds (51:16). Elvis Turner (men’s 30-39) was second overall in 52:11, Nicholas Romany (men’s 20-29) was third in 52:13, Richard Jones (men’s 40-49) was fourth in 52:15 and Keanu Otero rounded off the top five in 53:44.


Matthew Hagley was sixth (men’s 30-39), Anthony Phillip ended seventh (men’s 20-29), Guswil George finished eighth (men’s 30-39), Dwayne Roach was ninth (men’s 30-39) and Samantha Shukla was 10th overall and the first woman to finish in 57:56.

Celine Lestrade was 21st overall and the second woman to finish in 1:03:38 and Thais Gutierrez was 26th overall and third among the women in 1:04:36.

Genesis Joseph (men’s 19 and Under) finished on top in the 5K event in 17:10, ahead of Kareem Mason Junior (men’s 19 and Under) in 17:26 and Jamal Joseph (men’s 20-29) in 17:50. Rounding off the top five were Colin Brumant (men’s 30-39) in 17:58 and Jean-Marc Granderson (men’s 19 and Under) in 18:38.

Romario Joseph (men’s 20-29) was sixth overall in 20:16, Benjamin Hughes (men’s 30-39) was seventh in 20:17, Graeme Waithe Toussaint (men’s 19 and Under) ended eighth in 20:22, Chad Hosein (men’s 19 and Under) was ninth in 20:22 and Sion Faria (men’s 20-29) was 10th in 20:31.

Rae-Ann Serville (women’s 19 and Under) was 28th overall and the first woman to finish in 21:35. Simone Gonzales (women’s 30-39) was second among the women and 34th overall in 21:56 and Sophie Potter (women’s 19 and Under) was third and 42nd overall in 22:17. The event was well supported as over 2500 participants completed either the 15K or 5K event. Some of the teams that turned out in their numbers were Team NAGICO, West Penn, RBC, Kiss Baking, Coca-Cola, Fatima College, St Joseph’s Convent and various youth and sports clubs.


Source: Newsday