Court of Appeal hears FFOS highway lawsuit on Tuesday

The Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) will appear before the Court of Appeal on Tuesday against the decision of Justice Kyle Ramcharan to lift the temporary injunction and allow the Ministry of Works and Transport to continue to work on Phase I of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway Extension to Manzanilla.

On February 6, Justice Ramcharan ruled against the granting of leave for the FFOS to judicially review the issuance of a Certificate of Environmental Clearance by the Environmental Management Authority to the Works and Transport Ministry. 

The application for leave had been filed since September 29, 2017, to stop the Ministry and NIDCO from constructing a four-lane highway along the Southern boundary of the Aripo Savannas, an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA).


FFOS approached the Court of Appeal for an expedited hearing on the same day (February 6) and was able to have the injunction reinstated pending the hearing of the expedited appeal. 

FFOS, in a statement issued on Friday, said it is determined to explore all legal means of recourse to protect this national heritage site which belongs to all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Source: Looptt