COSTAATT gains most ACCA exemptions in Caribbean

This is the most exemptions given by ACCA in the Caribbean.

Students choosing COSTAATT to pursue their bachelor’s degree in Accounting will now benefit from exemptions at ACCA Level I and three papers in Level II, should they move on to pursue their ACCA qualifications after their degree.

The MoU was signed last Friday by President of COSTAATT Dr. Gillian Paul, and Head of ACCA Caribbean Orin Gordon, formally establishing an agreement made between the two institutions to collaborate.


The MoU will facilitate collaboration between COSTAATT and ACCA on several areas, including: provision of exemptions by ACCA to students who successfully complete the BA Accounting degree programme; discounted prices for COSTAATT students who wish to pursue ACCA professional qualifications; promoting of the opportunities at ACCA through the hosting of information sessions to students pursuing the BA degree programme; providing developmental opportunities for both accounting faculty and students.

Speaking at the signing, Gordon said that he believed the College was a good partner for ACCA, as it achieves “the right balance between the rigorously academic and practical, hands-on experience” for students.

Paul said she was pleased with the relationship, indicating that the partnership aligns with the College’s goal to offer its students globally competitive degrees.

She also commended the team of faculty from the COSTAATT Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, led by senior lecturers Danelle Lezama and Charmaine Mungaldeen.

The lecturers responded to a proposal from ACCA to streamline the courses and assessments in the BA Accounting, which facilitated exemptions from the awarding body, for the College’s students.


Source: Looptt