Cops mobbed during arrest

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Head of the Southern Division police, Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed yesterday warned residents against harbouring criminals after villagers mobbed police officers who were attempting to arrest a gunman.

Mohammed said it was the same criminals who would eventually turn their guns against law abiding citizens in the future. According to reports, three Princes Town CID officers were on Cumuto Road, Indian Walk around 9.50 am when they saw a man walking along the road with an object bulging from his waist. The officers said when they stopped and searched the man, approximately 40 residents converged on them, obstructing them in the execution of their duty.


The officers observed a revolver drop from the suspect and one of the residents picked it up and ran off. More residents gathered and began hurling insults and profanity at the officers. One of the residents began inciting the crowd to arm themselves with pieces of iron and wood. When the officers attempted to arrest the suspect, they were met with resistance by residents who challenged them.

A struggle ensued between the officers and the unruly crowd, leading to one of the officers firing a warning shot in the air. The crowd continued shoving at the officers and they retreated. Southern Division Task Force was deployed but the crowd had dispersed before the team arrived.

“We are asking the citizenry to be as civil as practicable. We live in 2017 and these same people they are harbouring and guarding against the police are the same people that will one day turn their guns again them. If people can appreciate what the people are trying to do. We are trying to ensure their safety and to do that, we need the support of all the people, all the time,” Mohammed said.

Source: Guardian