Cop not a suspect in murder of Parliament clerk

Contrary to media reports, homicide investigators said they are not searching for a police officer in connection to the murder of Parliament clerk Mariana Moonisar. The officer, who was said to be Moonisar’s ex-boyfriend, was not in hiding and was available for questioning, investigators said yesterday.

Moonisar was said to have ended a three-year relationship with the officer recently and rejected his advances.

However, investigators said they are yet to identify a suspect as they were still gathering information on her shooting death which occurred last Friday night. Moonisar, 28, of Couva was killed by a bullet to her head while she and her father Roopchand “Chippy” Moonisar were driving home.


Reports stated that around 5.30 am they were in their Nissan Tiida sedan driving through Esperanza, Couva, when they heard gunshots. However, they did not know where the shot came from. As she was returning home from work around 5.15 pm with her father, while passing through the same area that the shooting occurred, two men opened fire on her car.

Moonisar was hit in the head while her father was struck on his cheek. The gunmen then jumped into a car and drove off. Moonisar and her father were taken to the Couva District Health Facility and later transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where she died. Investigators believe that the murder was a paid hit.

Source: Guardian