Break-in at pharmacy of Fuad’s wife

FORMER health minister Dr Fuad Khan says the thieves that broke into his wife’s pharmacy stole more than just money, but their sense of security.

Thieves broke into the Tragarete Road branch of Bhagan’s Drugs, in Port of Spain, after its closing at 10 pm. They made off with $5,000, and other items, said police, who described the break-in as “piper thing”.

Khan, who spoke with i95.5 fm yesterday, said the violation was more worrisome for him and his family than the actual theft. He added that the safe had minimal cash, and the thieves stole the security system as well.


“They ransacked the place like animals but professional animals because they came through the roof which (is) burglar-proofed. They used a blowtorch to cut into the safe,” Khan said, adding the thieves must have known the layout of the pharmacy as they went straight for the safe.

When he spoke with Sunday Newsday, Khan thanked the police for their proficient and excellent conduct. He said the thieves appeared to be professionals in roofing, welding and glass-work they way they operated. The greatest loss, he said, was not from the things stolen but the damage done.

“We are coping pretty good you know but they mash up everything. It doesn’t seem to be just petty thieves but skilled tradesmen who probably could not get a job so they put their skills to other use,” Khan said.

This is the second time the pharmacy has been robbed. On July 10, 2014, three men walked into the pharmacy and approached the dispensary, where the manager and the pharmacist were assisting a customer. One of the men enquired about a cough medicine for children but even before he got an answer, he and two accomplices forced the two women into a backroom while threatening the cashier and customers with their weapons. No report was given on what was taken at the time.

Source: Newsday