‘Boy in cage’ video under investigation

Child Protection Unit (CPU) officers are investigating a video posted on social media of a young child locked in a cage.

The male child who used obscene language was dressed only in an underwear.

An officer at the Children’s Authority said the matter was in the hands of the CPU.


The 28-second long video showed the child inside the cage responding to a male relative.

The child appeared to be about three years old. He called on the adult to open the cage. A male voice referred to the child as an animal.

Police said an investigation would be launched into the child’s living conditions. His parents would be interviewed, police said.

However, the action was defended on social media as users commended the parent/guardian for the way he chose to discipline the child.

Source: Trinidad Express http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20180112/news/boy-in-cage-video-under-investigation