Body of man found at dump

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An autopsy will be done to determine how a scavenger at the Forres Park Landfill, Claxton Bay died yesterday.

There were conflicting reports from police and the Solid Waste Management Company Ltd (SWMCOL) as to how the man died.

A release from SWMCOL yesterday stated that police were investigating a fatal accident at the landfill.


They indicated that around 9 am, a man was crushed by a D8 tractor which was compacting an area at the periphery of the landfill. The victim, who is yet to be identified, had apparently been sleeping under a makeshift cover of waste material in the area.

SWMCOL acting CEO David Manswell said, “SWMCOL is deeply saddened by this tragic loss of life. On behalf of the board of directors, management and staff of SWMCOL, I wish to extend our prayers and sincere condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of the deceased.”

SWMCOL urged those using their landfills to exercise caution while on the premises and to adhere to health and safety guidelines at all times.

However, police reported that around 8 am, a 65-year-old hustler went to the landfill and found the body of a naked man lying face down in an old plastic swimming pool.

Couva police, homicide detectives and crime scene investigators responded and found vultures already pecking at the body. There were no signs of major injury. Investigators learned that the man was accustomed eating and sleeping at the landfill and they suspect that he fell ill and died.

The victim was reported to be a medium built, dark-skinned Afro-Trinidadian male who appeared to be in his 40s.

Source: Guardian