Body in river identified

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The body of the man found floating in a river at Cunjal Road, Barackpore on Wednesday has been identified as 55-year-old Thakorie Adheen.

He was stabbed, choked and thrown into the river still alive and eventually drowned, an autopsy found yesterday.

According to the autopsy Adheen was stabbed to the left side of his abdomen and choked until he passed out before his body was thrown into the river, pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov said.


He added that Adheen may have been attacked by at least two men as one held him while the other stabbed him, given the cluster of stab wounds to the abdomen.

Adheen’s sisters, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, identified his body yesterday. They said their brother moved out of the Sumaria Trace, Charlieville home after their mother died three years ago and he had not been seen since.

They added they heard he was working at a sawmill in Caparo, Central Trinidad.

“He wasn’t on drugs or anything like that, it could be he was keeping bad company. He was a quiet person and he had no wife or children,” one sister said.

Adheen’s body was found around 6 pm by police who responded to an anonymous call that the body of a man was spotted in the river located at Cunjal Road South.

Adheen was found in blue trousers with a crocus bag wrapped around his head.

Source: Guardian