Artistes join TTPS in promoting safe drinking habits for Carnival 2018

While responsible drinking remains a caution issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) year-round, several of the country’s top-billed artistes for Carnival 2018 have joined with the TTPS to promote the message in the run-up to and during the two-day festival.

The ‘Wrong Mix-Alcohol & Lyrics’ component of the TTPS iRoadsafe Public Awareness programme, launched in 2015, draws on the tremendous influence artistes appear to possess over music lovers and fete-goers, in encouraging the use of ‘designated drivers’ and discouraging the dangerous and illegal practice of ‘drinking and driving’.

The artistes lend their voices to public service messages, which through an ongoing collaboration with television stations, local cable channels and radio stations, are aired to effect positive change in attitudes toward alcohol use.


Amongst the artistes collaborating with the TTPS for Carnival 2018 are reigning Soca Monarch, Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis; Patrice Roberts; Nailah Blackman; Shal Marshall; Ravi B; Blaax; Lyrikal; Dev; Turner; Chucky; Idrees Saleem of the 2 Cents Movement and comedian and radio personality Ro’dey.

The road safety public service messages will begin on Monday, January 15.

Source: Looptt