Arima bus lay-by reopened

The lay-by’s reopening follows a meeting last Friday between Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian, Deputy Mayor Cagney Casimire, Chairman of the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) Edwin Gooding and General Manager Ronald Forde.

PTSC officials have assured that the Mayor’s concern that senior citizens currently have no seating accommodation at the lay-by will soon be addressed.

All buses from the Public Transport Service Corporation are now required to load and offload passengers at the lay-by and not at the previous location at KFC Windsor on Hollis Avenue.


The lay-by will no longer be used as a car park facility, in order to ensure the free flow of buses.

Meanwhile, the Mayor suggested placing a large bus hub in Arima at the unused transport facility located near the Priority Bus Route (close to Arima’s Licensing Office).

The proposed hub -to be called Borough Gate – is part of the Arima Borough Council’s vision for the term 2016-2019.

Morris-Julian said a hub has become necessary as the transportation needs of the borough have far surpassed existing structures.

The fleet of taxis for areas such as Cumuto, Brazil and La Horquetta has outgrown the space available at the respective taxi stands in Arima, she added.

The proposed hub will house these taxi stands in similar fashion to City Gate.

All buses and maxi-taxis will also be required to offload passengers at this point and shuttles will provide transport for passengers who wish to get into the town.

Morris-Julian plans to continue discussions of this proposal with PTSC officials in order to get the project off the ground.



Source: Looptt