Anthony N Sabga laid to rest

His casket was draped yesterday in a sheet bearing the Sabga family crest. Sabga said that all of the males in the family decided to wear his father’s signature red tie, “to honour his passion for life and because today is not for mourning but to celebrate his story. Dad loved life and he lived it fully,” he said.

He added that despite being born into poverty and having to flee his home and family in Syria, due to religious persecution, his father dreamed.

“Despite these crippling circumstances he arrived on these shores with hope. The hope of a new beginning and opportunity and armed with the determination to go after what he wanted.” He said his father was a pioneer and an entrepreneur like no other and was even labeled, “the man with the Midas touch.” He said his success in the business world took vision and foresight but most importantly fortitude. “Dad failed many times but with each failure he got back up and kept on dreaming.


He used these dreams to fuel him further and further until he reaped the fruits of his efforts.” He recalled the pride his father felt when the University of the West Indies conferred on him an honorary doctorate of laws in 2015.

“This was the only academic certification dad had ever received in his life and he cherished it.” He said that despite all his achievements his father remained humble and was quick to credit his achievement to others and give credit where it was due.

He said that his father and mother Minerva shared “true love”, and Minerva, “stood with dad through every step of his journey on Earth.” “You were his largest fan and his biggest critic. Your love was honest and true and dad would be the first to admit that he was the man he was because he had you at his side,” Sabga said.

He said that his father’s greatest source of pride was his family and in his later years he spent time focusing on his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The funeral was attended by scores of people from local and regional politics, business and media.

Sabga is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Source: Newsday,243377.html