Abuse victim fears for her life

A 33-year-old woman from South Trinidad fears for her life and her four children, three of whom are living with her.

Her fears became more of a reality yesterday on the heels of Monday’s incident where Kemba Olufemi’s ex-lover Lloyd Logan, 60, tried to shoot her and then used the gun to beat her mercilessly on her head.

After the attack, Logan drank poison in the car park of Tropical Plaza, Pointe-a-Pierre, and later died at hospital.


Speaking with the T&T Guardian at her 68-year-old mother’s home yesterday, the distraught woman said this incident has brought on “indescribable fears” and reminded her of how often she would be badly beaten in public and no one would help her.

“I would be there screaming and begging people to come and help me but everybody just either looked on and did nothing or just passed straight like if they never heard me or saw me being dragged by my hair, or kicked or cuffed, or stomped on or even thrown in the air or into things,” the woman said as she broke down in tears.

She said up to yesterday she received several death threats from her 48-year-old common-law-husband who lives in Central. She played several of the voice messages left on the cell phone of her 15-year-old son for the T&T Guardian to hear. In one, a male voice is heard hurling obscenities and death threats.

“I will kill you and the entire family,” the man said in one of the recordings.

The woman and the man have three other children ages five, seven and 12.

“For 15 years I endured severe abuse. Many times he raped me. I was hospitalised at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex on one occasion. I was tied to the wardrobe at our home in Central and beaten. I was tied and forced to watch him do things in front of me. I was assaulted with cucumbers and deodorant bottles,” the inconsolable woman said.

The woman said she sought help from the courts but added that the system had failed her.

“Just this week I went to court and the matter was withdrawn by the magistrate despite the fact that I sent all these voice messages. The matter was withdrawn and I was told to go to the Family Court and see how I could get help,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“I thought the system would protect me but it has thrown me basically to my death. I am very scared. The man has stopped all money for me and the children. I don’t even have food for myself and my children much less to retain an attorney to protect my life and the lives of my children.”

The T&T Guardian was told by a police source that several reports were made to the police but that so far officers have been only able to secure an interim protection order for the woman.

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-06-13/abuse-victim-fears-her-life